Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First day of school

Met with Brennyn's teacher in the morning, who happens to be Avery's teacher from last year. She figured out that the girls were polar opposites in the first 5 minutes. Avery never said a word about our family all last year (she didn't say much of anything), Brennyn told her every little thing we did over the summer in a 5 minute conversation!
Avery was happy to say hello to her old teacher though, and to show Brennyn around the classroom.

Got home from that meeting just in time to put Avery on the bus for her first day. Yes, I could have just hung around the school for another hour, but I really wanted Avery to get the bus on her first day back. It's a new bus driver since Avery is going in the afternoons this year.
Brennyn doesn't officially start until the 19th, and she'll be in the morning class.

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  1. Avery looks THRILLED!! I bet Brennyn is having a hard time waiting her turn...that's hard for a little girl.

    Happy School Year to your girlies!