Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Decided to cut my hair off the other day while at the salon. Talk about spur of the moment. Made Blair take a picture before we headed out to the wedding (I seem to usually be the person taking the pictures so there really aren't that many of me. Would have had the girls in the photo but Brennyn was having a slight meltdown at the time.
I was goofing around so it looks like I was trying to strike a pose.
Oh, and it's also proof that I do wear a dress the odd time. It probably happens once or twice a year!


  1. p.s. your commenting is still weird so I think I have to post as anony which is why I put my name up there :) lol

  2. I don't know why my commenting is weird. I know it's you who anyway (unless you are trying to be mysterious).

  3. Beautiful! Love your hair, and you look great in a dress, can't see any reason why you don't wear them more often!


  4. I've already told you this a few times, but I LOVE LOVE your hair!! It totally suits you and it looks so fresh and new!
    Hot mama!