Sunday, October 16, 2011

Any help in the search is appreciated

These were Avery's referral pictures.
Again, I thank the person who posted my blog address on the Norwegian Forum! I se that my traffic from Norway has increased dramatically. Has anyone adopted from Gao An in the past 6 or 7 years who may have contact with other families who have adopted from Gao An Jiangxi? I'm just not sure how I should be searching (I am no detective, just a mom who really wants to find all my daughter's birth family). Here is the information once again: My daughter's birth sister was born Feb 23 2004 (however, you never know if the orphanage gave the correct birth date to the adoptive family) from Gao An Jiangxi. She was adopted by a family from Norway. My e-mail is Any help is much appreciated.


  1. Good luck!!!


    PS How is Brennyn?

  2. She's doing great, thanks for asking Wendy. You would never know she just had a 5 hour surgery, I have to keep her from bouncing around!

  3. Is it ok that I quote your latest entry on the forum? If so I will add it for you. Glad your other daughter's surgery went well. Good luck again.

    friend from Norway

  4. Sure, you can quote it for me. Thanks again for your help.

  5. No problem have added the information for you. Best of luck. =)

  6. Oh my, she is so cute! I hope and pray you find out as much as possible about her birth siblings. Also, I just want to encourage you, I am part of a Yahoo group for Lilah's SWI and to be honest, I only go onto it and check it once in a blue fact, if I'm completely honest I haven't been on there in about 18 months...some others might be like me too, so don't give up hope.