Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thinking about a career change

Okay, so technically I don't have a career but I am thinking of a change. I do have a BA in psychology, never used really but at least I did graduate once upon a time.

We also happen to have a satelite campus of a community college at our huge state of the art arena, located 5 minutes walking distance from my front door.

This college only has 5 programs, yet 2 of these programs are something I would be interested in regardless. One is Social Service worker and the other is an ECE (early childhood educator) diploma. Those both loosely tie in with my dusty old psych degree. Better job prospects with the ECE, however do I want to work in a daycare setting??? Social Service Worker would be more emotionally demanding, but it also relates more to psychology (again, loosely) which I love. I do love working with children though (at least I think I do).

Just seems like the right time to go back to school, Avery will be in grade 1 next year, so full time and Brennyn will most likely be in afternoon kindergarten (can always get someone to watch her the odd morning when Blair is working or coming off night shift).

Hmm, decisions, decisions. Oh, and I somehow also have to find some money to pay for this adventure, so I have to make sure I can find a job at the end of this journey to pay back this found money (aka loan).

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