Sunday, October 23, 2011

Harvest festival

Our great town has so many activities for families. Yesterday was the annual town harvest festival. All the shops downtown hand out candy to the little ones dressed in their Halloween costumes.
It's always so much fun, and I love to see the downtown streets full of families dressed in their Halloween best.

Of course, this could be because Halloween happens to be my favourite holiday, but I digress.

We saw the usual, princess after princess, transformers, cute little witches.
What did my girls dress as, you ask? Why, a flesh eating zombie (complete with blood dripping down the clothes and a half eaten hand) and a vampire. It was great. I couldn't talk Avery into wearing her pj's and housecoat, complete with panda slippers. I thought that would have made the coolest zombie, but what do I know?

After a fun morning of trick or treating/scaring little children, we spent the afternoon making paintbrush Halloween cookies. It was a complete day spent eating sugar, the best kind of day around (mom and kids, someone has to test all the treats and make sure they are safe).

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